About us

About us

ACME Ltd is a construction and investment company established in 2015 by the brothers Martin Yanev and Chavdar Yanev. Already with our first landmark project - "Izgrev 132", completed in 2017, we imposed uncompromising quality, short construction deadlines, new technologies and construction materials. Our company is a leader in the construction of sustainable, green buildings, certified according to global standards for sustainable construction. ACME Ltd is registered in the central professional register of the builder at the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria, and has the right to carry out constructions of III, IV, V categories.

We believe in the power of fine architecture. It takes dedication, drive and vision to create projects that are thoughtful and innovative, with uncompromising attention to detail. The homes we build combine a creative, thoughtful, intelligent design philosophy with exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to innovation and the environment.

Our advantages

  • Modern and sustainable architecture
  • High degree of energy efficiency and low costs for occupancy and operation
  • Short terms of construction and execution
  • New construction technologies and certified materials

Our buildings provide a higher quality of life. The apartments are functionally designed, well lit by daylight, with thermal comfort and sound insulation.

Construction of geothermal heat pump systems in residential, commercial, industrial buildings, hotels.

We offer complete solutions for the design and construction of geothermal heat pump systems for heating and air conditioning, meeting all standards and requirements of the European Union and the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

  • Low-temperature geothermal systems are a set of closed boreholes with a depth of 100m to 250m, including heat pumps and internal heating elements - type ceiling panels / and - or floor heating and fan convectors. Geothermal systems are renewable sources of the constant temperature of the earth, resulting in extremely low operating costs. They are the most efficient heating/cooling and hot water systems
  • A sustainable and green system meeting the highest energy efficiency requirements in the EU (A+++). Independence from monopolies and ever-rising fossil fuel prices.
  • Guaranteed consistently low heating/cooling and hot water bills We implement a sustainable and green system combining the latest trends in energy efficiency, guaranteeing security, comfort and longevity.

Advantages of geothermal heating / cooling:

  • From 3 to 5 times lower operating costs, compared to gas, thermal power plants, or others. Calculating the indoor installation for ceiling panels and fan coils at 37°C/32°C gives the building a system efficiency COP = 5.5 to 7.0. For each consumed kW of electricity = 6 / 7 kW of heat energy.
  • When cooling the building, the temperature that comes from the ground of 12 to 15 degrees is self-sufficient to carry out air conditioning in "free cooling" mode or so on. free cooling when designed into the system and ceiling panels.
  • Dramatically reduces the total annual heating and air conditioning budget for all types of buildings. Automatic control and information in real time, without human resources. Independence from supplies of raw materials for combustion (CHP, gas, wood, pellets, chips, oil, etc.)
  • It does not depend on external weather conditions, such as "Aerothermia" (air-water heat pumps). Through Geothermy, the necessary temperature in the premises is guaranteed and without changing the efficiency of the system, even with a sharp cooling of over - 15°С.
  • It does not take into account the presence of water - Hydrothermia (water-water heat pumps), as well as the presence of the necessary flow rate, chemical composition, microbiology. Water abstraction for Hydrothermal requires a permit regime, while Geothermal is subject to notification. Hydrothermal has additional consumption and the need for borehole pumps, which reduces its efficiency. Hydrothermal cannot be used everywhere, unlike Geothermal.

Geothermal heat pump system

  • Geothermal drilling field with the required number of wells, at a depth of 100 m. In each of them, four pipes are lowered, factory-connected two by two at their lower end. The boreholes are filled with thermal cement with an improved coefficient of thermal conductivity. On the surface, the four pipes from each borehole are combined into two (supply and return) of larger diameter and brought underground to a supply and return manifold in a collection shaft, and from there to the machine room.
  • The collectors are equipped with flowmeters and regulating valves. The collectors are connected to a circulation circuit feeding the heat pump units. The heat carrier is a 25% aqueous solution of monoethylene glycol (antifreeze) with a freezing point of around -15°C.
  • The heat pump units are connected in a pipe system with additional equipment, circulation pumps. The circulation circuits of the heating installation are connected to the heat pump units. The intended scheme provides power to two circuits with different temperatures - for example, floor heating and/or ceiling panels and convectors. EXPERTISE AND OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE We own 3 specific drilling machines with the ability to perform between 20 and 30 drillings per month.
  • Own line for the production of ceiling panels for heating and passive cooling Specific "know-how" in the design and budgeting of geothermal OVIK systems Distribution rights for geothermal heat pumps from global manufacturers Our structure of companies performs comprehensive engineering, project management and construction in the field of geothermal systems and high-rise construction.