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We create sustainable homes for people

We believe that the buildings we design and build should leave a lasting mark, create a high quality live and real value. We believe that details matter. Our buildings feature modern and sustainable architecture with low occupancy and operating costs. We build not just residential buildings, we create quality homes for people.

What makes our projects different

Geothermal energy for heating / cooling and hot water.

Geothermal heating for multi family residential buildings is carried out by means of a necessary number of low temperature geothermal wells at a depth of 100 to 125 m. Our experience with all types of heat pump installations shows that installations with geothermal wells of the closed type or, in short, "ground connected"are the most the good solution for heating, air conditioning and hot water.

Use of contemporary construction technologies.

Thanks to the technologies used, we offer truly sustainable properties. With their healthy environment and intelligent interior solutions, they are a comfortable home for you and your family. They are good for both the environment and your wallet.

Reducing external noise

Effective insulation and special triple glazed windows block outside noise, contributing to the cozy feeling of home.

Intelligent floor plans

The interior of each of our apartments is thought out down to the last detail. The main living areas are always spacious, with large windows. Comfort is further enhanced by natural high quality materials.

Green common spaces

Healthy and sustainable living is not just a fad for us. This is the basis of our philosophy. We build more than just apartments. We create real homes for people.

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Why choose us?

Guaranteed low heating/cooling and hot water costs

Geothermal Energy Independence from monopolies and rising energy prices A smart investment for your future

Certified according to international standards for sustainable construction

Modern building materials and technologies Sustainable homes Green common spaces

Comfort of living

Intelligent layouts and interior solutions Acoustic comfort Reduction of external noise Quality common parts

Quality life

Healthy climate without pollen and dust Green common spaces Close to parks and quick access to public transport

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