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ACME - Property Development would like to invite you to "Open House Event" in our latest landmark project, namely residential building "QHome" with ACT 15 and before Act 16 in Vitosha district, at 36 Prof. G. Zlatarski Street, next door to Dianabad quarter and Studentski Grad. The location is one of the most preferred in the city of Sofia, near Loven Park, Borisova Garden, Dianabad Swimming Complex, within walking distance of main boulevards - Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. and Doctor G. M. Dimitrov Blvd. The building is built with a geothermal heating/cooling and hot water system, which ensures efficiency, low bills, and comfort. We will show you the complete heat pump installation in the technical room. The project has only 4 available apartments for sale with from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with panoramic terraces and courtyards with beautiful views of the mountains and the beautifully landscaped courtyard of the building. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will be waiting for you! When: 10.11 - 11.11.2023 /Friday and Saturday/ Time: from 13:00 to 17:00 Location: Sofia, 36 Prof. G. Zlatarski Str. For more information about the event: +359 887 80 80 81




The "QHome" project is moving more and more confidently toward its completion. Work was recently completed on the wall plastering of all apartments and the common areas of the entrances. We have completed the flooring in all units in entrance "A" and are in the process of making those for the rest of the building. The electrical and plumbing installations of the entire project are already a fact. The building begins to reveal its magnificence, which is evident from the finalized facade, oriented in the direction of Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. At the moment, activities related to the dismantling of a working scaffold and the construction of one from the eastern part of the building are underway. The current and future owners can make sure of good construction work, the quality of the materials used, and well-balanced architectural solutions.



Martin Yanev, managing partner of ACME will take part in a conference on "ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS: THE FUTURE IS NOW"

Martin Yanev, managing partner in the construction and investment company ACME will take part in the national conference taking place in the period from May 31 to June 2, 2023, at Burgas, Flora Exhibition Center, under the title: ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS: THE FUTURE IS NOW Mr. Martin Yanev will participate with a presentation at the event on 01.06. from 14:00 in hall 4 and will present a residential complex - Q Home, located in the city of Sofia. This is a project that is currently under construction and is one of the first in the country with a geothermal heating and cooling system. The building is certified according to the World Bank's global standard for sustainable construction - EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies).




After the issuance of ACT 14 in mid-November 2022, in the month of February, we started activities related to the completion of the facade of a residential building QHome. Scaffolding was erected and all necessary materials were delivered. This is an extremely important part of the construction activities because it concerns the vision of the project. The building is designed in light and neutral earth tones, complementing the garden and the environment. For the comfort and quality of life of the owners, thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene, mineral plaster, and HPL is provided. We have also successfully finished all the work on the installation of the windows of the building - Schüco Living 82 AS. We can boast of finalizing a perfect waterproofing job over the garages, roof parts, and terraces of the building.



Green mortgage

In connection with market trends, social commitment in terms of ecology and energy saving, as well as the fact that more and more customers are interested in purchasing energy-efficient homes, banks have developed a new initiative in mortgage lending. A large number of them offer a special green interest discount when buying a home with energy efficiency class A or higher, certified by providing a copy of an energy efficiency certificate. At the moment, few completed buildings meet the energy efficiency requirements of class A. In recent years, investors who pay serious attention to the needs of their customers, when implementing new projects, incorporate more and more innovative systems that significantly increase the quality of life of the owners and which have a beneficial effect on the environment. A landmark building certified to the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) standard is QHome. The investor of the project is Acmi EOOD. It has a geothermal heating and cooling system, which helps reduce the usual electricity or gas bills by up to 60%. https://www.acme.bg/building/building-qhome The "green mortgage" initiative enables customers to take advantage of various discounts on interest and bank fees for a purchase loan. In most cases, the discount is between 0.10 - 0.15% of the interest rate applicable on the loan. The information from the different banks is voluminous and not always completely clear to the customers. This is where the credit consultant comes to the rescue, protecting your interest. He is always available for a consultation or a meeting and is always impartial in choosing the most suitable conditions for you. By using its services you save time and money. The credit counselor will: • research the market on your behalf, according to your needs, i.e. will compare bank products. • negotiated preferential offers - discounts on interest, fees, financing percentage, recognition of income, etc. And if you have already chosen a bank, the credit consultant will try to improve the offer you have; • provide an easy-to-follow process, as you will receive constant information from him on what stage the loan is at and whether any problems have occurred; • moves communication with the selected bank - when additional documents and information are required. The credit consultant will do everything possible to protect your time and interests, and that's completely free of charge. If you need a consultation, you can contact our consultant Lyubka Doycheva, tel. 0885258888.




New trends in the functionality and vision of buildings change over the course of each year. In the last few years, new trends in home construction have started. First, on the list, it can be said to be the purity of the design and the minimalist look through the use of simple design looks and shapes. Reflecting on personal style and individuality is also a relatively new trend. Your home can reflect you through textures, colors, and materials used.




The QHome residential complex is conveniently located in one of the most preferred capital locations in Vitosha district. The boutique building is close to Loven Park and Borisova Garden, which offer daily walks and fresh air. Neighboring are the neighborhoods: the sophisticated "Dianabad" and the fun "Student City". The main boulevards "Simeonovsko shose" and "Doctor G.M." are located within walking distance. Dimitrov", which allow the future owners to easily reach all the central points of the city by car. For those who like to travel by public transport, quick access to a bus stop is provided. **Potential & Peaceful Living** The residential project has an individual atmosphere due to the balanced mix between an urban environment - prestigious places to eat and sports and park spaces, suitable for recreation and picnics. QHome is distinguished by its investment potential, which allows the homes to be rented out or purchased for personal use. The area offers easy transport connections (metro, bus, car) to the capital center as well as to other districts of Sofia for people who like to be always on the move. **Apartments & Parking spaces** The object has a total of 55 parking and garage spaces, distributed in the underground level and the ground floor, where there are apartments and garages. Bicycle lovers will be able to take advantage of the 45 provided bicycle spaces. There are 55 apartments in QHome, distributed over four floors and one under the roof. In addition to them, the housing project foresees a technical room, a substation and 50 storage rooms. In addition to everything else, the boutique building is located among greenery, which will inspire peace and quiet to the future owners.




The housing project of the construction and investment company ACME - QHome - is the first building in Bulgaria to be certified according to the standard for sustainable construction EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies). It is an innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a member of the World Bank. The advantages of EDGE are that it offers lower utility costs - reduced bills for heating / cooling and hot water; better acoustic and thermal comfort. Thanks to the used geothermal technology, up to 60% of the monthly bills are saved compared to the heating of thermal power plants, gas or electricity. EDGE offers market intelligence in the construction industry, focusing on investing in next-generation environmental construction certification in more than 170 countries. Better financing conditions are offered for purchases interested in apartments in certified green buildings. Apart from everything else, it is reported with 10-20% higher value when reselling a home




Providing quality of life is one of the missions behind the construction of the QHome residential complex. It is a project of the construction and investment company AKMI, a leader in Bulgaria in the field of sustainable construction, and winner of two Building of the Year awards. Part of the innovative technologies used in the building is the heating and cooling of the apartments. The geothermal method uses heat from the ground, exchanging it with it to cool or heat the premises depending on the season. **Thermal memories - endless energy sources** The earth has a relatively constant temperature of 10 degrees at a depth of 15 meters. Ground source heat pumps (GSHP), also known as geothermal systems, take advantage of this and exchange heat with the ground, thus providing heating or cooling in the building. Thanks to buried underground drilling, gives geothermal technology endless source of energy. They concentrate the stored heat energy, which is used to heat radiators and water in homes. The liquid in the circuit, which is heated by the sun's heat in the ground, passes through the heat pumps, then is transferred to a closed system with refrigerant. It is converted to gas at low temperatures. On the other hand, its temperature is raised by a high-pressure compressor. The refrigerant is converted back into a liquid form with the possibility of re-conversion to gas, while the condenser delivers heat to the heating system of the complex. **Pros of a geothermal system** Geothermal pumps are the most efficient established technology, achieving the highest category A +++ in the EU labeling system. It guarantees a fixed price for heating and cooling per kilowatt hour, which saves owners 3 to 5 times the cost of heating and hot water compared to the use of other appliances such as gas, air conditioning or central heating.




The Venetian window consists of three openings - a central one, ending with a rounded arch, and two narrower and lower side openings without an arch. It is known by other names - Paladian and Serlian after the Italian architects who imposed it and used it in the design of their buildings - Palladio and Serlio. Source: www.bulgariancastles.com




The blocked house is a residential building, which is formed by a set of planning blocks. They can be one, two or more apartments with a common exit. This type of block apartments are located on one or two levels. During the construction of a certain house there is the possibility of rotating or moving the individual blocks relative to each other thanks to the layout of the home and the placement of openings for windows and entrances. Source: pravoslavnayadrujba.ru




The golden ratio is a well-known concept in the mathematical world, but it is also an architectural term. In Latin it is called section aurea. Popularly known as divine proportion, it is an irrational number that expresses the relationship of parts. The larger part refers to the smaller one, just as the whole part refers to the larger one. The approximate value of the section is 1,618. Denoted by the Greek letter "phi", it is found in various spheres of life and nature. Source: storydesign.eu